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  1. Runescape Help Need help on RS? Read this

    Anyone still play runescape? Years have past... we have gotten older but I recently found out you can play the original for free. It's fun and you can play on your android phone.
  2. As others said, a new banner might make it better. The current one doesnt really fight with its dark color uses, while the rest of the site is light blue.And the site needs an insane resolution (well, insane to normal users, i run 1920x1200 so i could view it normal if i wanted) because it cuts off to the right, requireing me to scroll if i was on a standard computer. im scrolling through your source code... but i cant seem to figure out what it is causing it to go out so wide. theres so many tables i cant keep track.... hmm... try throwing another skin on and seeing if it goes as wide. that way we can at least narrow it down between that one skin, or the main code. (trying to remeber how phpbb worked)Also the banner's text seems a lil .. fuzzy... just small thing. if you were to redo it to fith more of the theme, id try to fix that to make the text look better
  3. Can Software Piracy Be Stopped?

    Basically, piracy will never be stopped because where there is a will, theres a way. The more popular a program, the more likely it will be easy to find a cracked current version of that software. I mean, its almost sad how fast some stuff gets cracked.. Like you can often see games appear cracked within hours of their actual release to the public. So mainly, very popular games, movies, and office type software (photoshop, ms office, etc) will always be found cracked in so many different places. People need to learn that odds are you can end up finding a free version of the same kinda software faster then you can find a crack for that software from that company (eg. photoshop is expensive.. so go try gimp .. though i do admit i like photoshop much better, but thats simply because i havnt played with gimp as much yet, and i have to work with photoshop all the time at work)
  4. Dell Laptop Explodes - Leads To Major Recall

    Yeh Ive noticed those exploding stories and laughed myself at em and was like "wow, thatd suck"... then they kept happening, and dell announced a recall on their batteries. They have a whole site for it and everything, I went there, pulled out my battery, followed the guide (very easy guide) and it slowly has you check various parts of the battery (model, made in, etc) before you actually enter the full serial number of your battery to check to see if its bad.So I entered my serial number (cause everything else pointed to a bad battery) and it said i was good... then i was like "hmm.. is that a O or a 0?" So i switched all of them, and oops, hah, my battery is bad... (and to confirm it, it showed my computers serial number as the one that was linked to that battery)... So if you got a 0 or a O, make sure to check both i think they are 0 (zeros) though, not O (o)Anyways, my new battery should arrive tomarrow actually according to ups. what was nice is, if your battery is recalled, its a very easy form to fill out, just name, address, phone number, and hit send. no other annoying extras and pains.
  5. Spyware / Virus Removal Help Needed

    Yeh a Hijack this log given to some pros that know it very well fixes things very "easily". You dont have to fully understand what needs to be removed, but those guys will tell you what needs removing, and how to remove it if its some spyware/virus thats annoying to remove (as in it keeps reviving itself from the dead).
  6. I think IE 7 has much better png support, but IE6 and lower have almost none. I know IE has/had issues with transparency in png's, I dont know the entire list of issues it has though. If you had any pixels of transparency in that picture, it might cause IE to kill it or something, who knows. IE is messed up But yeh, Id change it to a jpeg and you should be good.I believe there are also some javascripts out there to allow you to use png's better in IE (i know there is at least a script out there for IE to handle transparency in PNG's, google it)
  7. A World Without A Religion?

    I believe the world would be better as a whole without relgion to cause all these conflicts. If all the religions in the world could live peacefully with one another accepting the fact that people can have whatever view they want, I'd be just as good as if there was no religion. Infact, I believe religion can help many people, and it becomes the center of many peoples lives around the world.To me though, I see it as something you can choose to follow, and dont take too literally. Religion to me is truely just a way for people to be reassured we have a purpose in our lives, and that there is something more once we die. And you know what, im perfectly fine with the idea that my life could mean actually nothing at all. Im fine with the idea that when we die, perhaps nothing happens, we simply just cease to function and our atoms desintigrate into the earth. So to me, religion is something I respect if other people wish to follow it, but if you try to force your own religion onto people, because they disagree with it, thats just wrong in my mind. And religion should never be the cause of wars, it should allow for peace.
  8. Runescape Help Need help on RS? Read this

    The game used to be pretty good before it got overcrowded with an amazing ammount of idiotic noobs. all asking for money, following you everywhere, just got annoying. not to mention the number of scams that went on, i wouldnt trust anyone in that game except my close friend in real life who also played.I played for about a year and a half, was a member for half a year.. did pretty much all the quests, got bored, left. Had quite a nice collection of various expensive items that i dropped all over town (which really wants me to refind those screenshots i took as everyone mobed for my dropped items). It was fun while I played, but I just got bored of it around the time they switched to their "3d" graphics. I enjoyed the g'old 2d much more really... though some of the features that came out with the 3d version are nice .
  9. I bet you in a few years you can easily have a "cell phone" media center with the ability to play hours of movies, read some high tech small disk that holds like 100x more then todays dvds... and it all fits in your palm. Not to mention it will have the gaming power of like some high tech rig these days.It's really just amazing how fast technology can develop to allow all sorts of pretty sweet stuff.And really, it was just a matter of time until the cell phone got intergrated with media player. I mean, lets see.. first you had your cell phones, then mp3 players came along, and portable dvd/movie players... then mp3 players morphed into more media related, allowing both movies/pictures/and mp3s to be used on them... and now they are adding cell phones in... and they are working on putting in heavy duty computer power next
  10. Is Google Evil? Lol =D im serious =P

    Google sometimes does something... questionable, and thats always going to be like that. But as long as Google remains under good people, I think its great. Google does have A LOT of knowledge, and I love the fact they refused to turn over their search engine records... not for just a certain person because its needed for a criminal investigation, just asking for random samples of search engine data. I dont like that kinda stuff, I mean, I got nothing to hide, I just dont think the goverment should just get information like that because it wants it. Sure they had a good idea in mind, but how bout asking for all data on searches related to what they are trying to lock down (which was child pornography). If they had only asked for like the search terms and such used with many keywords related to that topic, then, yes, I wouldnt mind the records being given. But for just a random sample.... no....Anyways, I think Google isnt evil, I believe they keep their information as best they can to themselves. Its just the security threats of hackers and other people outside the company that might try to get the information and use it in evil ways.
  11. Computer Admin Login With Lost Password? Hack my own comp.

    Well, you totally still arnt locked out even with no access to the computer. You can always steal the sam file (boot into linux live cd) and send it to yourself or put it on some removeable media. Then just find something like Cain n Abel, or John the Ripper, etc and load the SAM file into it. Depending on how secure youre passwords are, and how good of a computer you have, just takes a lil bit of waiting for it to crack it.In other words: the legal uses of such programs (if the password did belong to you and you just forgot it)
  12. The best site for clips.

    I love random videos hahaha, you can find some hillarious stuff on youtube and google video. Often when hanging out with friends we start searching random stuff like "crashes" and "explosions" and such... good times .. we'll be laughing so hard just from all the random crud on there. It's really best viewed when with lack of sleep After a nice LAN party all nighter, near the end we are game'd out, we start just browsing google video with a computer hooked to tv... heheh, great stuff...Great time killers
  13. Schools In America

    Yeh, I currently hate the system we are in now. I'm heavily into computers and technology, but our school doesnt even offer me any courses for the kind of advanced knowledge i seek. I cant wait till I get to college just because I want classes that i can actually consider a challenge and enjoy. Im tired of easy classes in everything I love, i want some challenges. Currently I'm taking some classes through governors school (which is an hour drive away), which allows me some more advanced programming classes. I love them beyond belieft, but really wish i had more options still. The problem I see with schools today is the fact they think we cant make some choices of what we want to do with our lives at all. Thing is, most kids generally know what they are good at and what they suck at by the time they are 15 or so, so why not let us start to specialize towards that? Colleges these days demand all these AP courses pretty much in order to be accepted, but all your doing is taking advanced courses you dont care for, and wont ever use in your true career.Ive wanted to do computer related job since i was 11. Ive known this, and sure, its not specific job, but thats because I enjoy anything with computers. I'm great at math (730 Math SAT) but i get bored in class because im rarely ever challenged in it... its always busy work. However, I HATE with a passion english, languages, history, and science. Im great at science (bio, chem, physics), but i dont enjoy it. Computer science i love of course :)Anyways, I believe the problem lies in the fact we are forced to take these accelerated classes in areas we have no intrest in and dont see influencing our lives. By now I think i know what i want to do, and should be able to specialize into areas we like and take less courses of something we wont need. even if it makes us a "better balanced" person n such. My sister is in college, she going to unc chapel hill, outa state (hard to get in.. shes quite smart) and hasnt taken a math class since freashmen year. she once told me she forgot how to multiply one time since she hasnt taken any math, but managed to remember after a bit. Learning mandarin doesnt really require a lot of math (and right now shes in china for the summer, and shes going to spend senior year there too)Anyways, also at my actual school, its a great school... we just lack good teachers in certain fields. theres only one physics teacher, I do not enjoy her, shes confusing and not that great of a teacher (but at least she knows her stuff). the chemistry teacher i had sucked, and i knew more then her, and often had to correct her after she marked me wrong on tests (once got a 65, went through it with a friend of mine in the class, we corrected her mistakes, and both ended up with high 90s, and whole class had major bump up in points). also one of the tech teachers (havnt had her, i skipped the class cause i thought it was too low level) for computer science sucks, and she uses a compilier thats old like woah, and uses old syntax that no longer works on a present day compiler. and she has some pretty retarded exercises for learning programming.So why learn what we will never remeber or use in our lives? let us start taking some more intresting classes. With good teachers...
  14. Microsoft's Zune To Rival Apple's Ipod

    Bah, I hate Ipods. They are overpriced, lack many features, and when they first came out they had HORRIBLE battery life. Go Creative, their Zen line is awesome. I've been using creative mp3 players for quite some time now, and I've loved them so much better then an Ipod.Also with a Zen you don't have to use Itunes to manage all your music and limited to just the codecs apple likes. You can use pretty much whatever. A lot of programs out there support Creative mp3 players. And creative accepts more codecs last I checked. Also I'm not sure if Ipods allow this now, but I know they didnt before, but a Creative has a data section of its drive that allows you to put whatever you want on it. Its my backup drive for emergencies and extra storage. And also, creatives are generally A LOT cheaper then Ipods... plus everyone has an Ipod, be different, dont follow the "trend" of getting Ipod's.
  15. Aol's Software

    Yeh I was aware of the fact AOL just rips off the rendering engine of other browsers. I love firefox personally, but its just... these old ladies and tons of other people get so used to this program they rely on it and see it as the only way there is really. I mean, to someone smart enough to start learning beyond how to check their email, they begin to see what a horrible piece of software AOL is. Usually while I'm over there helping them with whatever problem, I kinda can get a feeling of weither or not they can handle a browser change or not. I see everything from people who would freak out if the little AOL icon disapeared, to people who understand when I say to use a different program, that has the same basic features only works better. If i feel they can handle the switch, I go ahead and download for them .