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  1. Anybody Still Here?

    Is anybody still using this forum. I popped back after a long absence to see my favourate forum empty.
  2. Look Who's Back!

    Seems like an lot has changed then. Well im sure there is still a lot to get involved with. Thanks guys!
  3. Please Review My Web

    I dont agree that the site is organized. AT a quick glance, and i stress quick. I cant see what you site is about or what it is advertising. The navigation isn't great and i would like more colour. You obviously have an idea to some degree so just spend more time on it. Really seems like too many people rush their site's nowerdays. In a Nut shell:- A logo- More Colour- Better layout and navigationGood luck with it, and as always im here to answer questions. For what my opinion is worth.
  4. I used Photoshop to do my graphics. An older version by todays standards see as ive been out of the game for a while now.
  5. Hi, I?m not too sure what you classing as unconventional, or your background and experience in web design and graphics. The site and the templates on your site look very plain to me. The main idea of most sites is advisement and a plain site won?t do this very well. More colours and more extensive graphical design would be the first thing id suggest. However maybe the points im highlighting are exactly why you?re saying it?s unconventional. If it is I don?t think the sites look as professional as perhaps they could do. Sorry if it looks like i'm been very negative. It's just not the type of site id be attracted to.
  6. Look Who's Back!

    Hello there all my old friends. Im finally back! Its been far too long. I hope all my pals from the old GFX Team are still about.
  7. Megan Fox!!! Damn believe it or not i forgot about her. good call dude!
  8. haha come on dude she doesnt count. although im sure she's hot
  9. Olga Kurylenko gets my vote for sure. In case you dont know she was the co star in Hitman.
  10. Relationship Help is my ex gf messing with my head?

    It seems as though its the constant not knowing where you stand that has you feeling this way. as you say she has moved out but her things are at yours, this alone is confusing. In all honesty i would say that trying not to talk to her is the worst thing. Get together and try to find out what she wants and what she is thinking of the situation. You obviously love this woman so go for it, and at least be clear you want to be with her. One the other hand if she is clear in her own mind and to you that its over forever then i would look towards getting a fresh start for yourself too. ie, Arranging for the to collect her things. Im afraid this is my best advice. I wish you the very best of luck and im sorry you feel so bad.
  11. What's Your Favourite Car?

    Mazda RX7. Or my Honda Civic Type R Turbo!! God what a car! Muhahaha
  12. Reflective Text For Photoshop

    I love to see the simple tuts on here that have a really good effect when used properly. This will help the newbies to photoshop add some good text to there work. Good post.
  13. Internet Joke Downloading the internet

    Funny thing is, some idiot would believe that and think they couldn't get the internet. lol
  14. Spider Man 3 it wasnt so great.....

    All three are good imo. I do think that the sandman killed the third film slightly. should have kept it as venom and hob goblin and not had all the messing about with either sandman or black spiderman. I think they were just after a link to the first films though and there was no need. Anyway all 3 are good entertainment no denying that.
  15. I Got A New Car Honda Civic SI

    Nice. Civics rule. I drive a Type R and i love it to bits. Great choice.