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  1. Nobody has the answer ? How to backup and read offline my SMS messages before cleaning up in order to save room on my phone ?
  2. The Dog Observer

    Seems that nobody around here has cats and dogs in the same house!
  3. Addictive Online Games For A Low End Pc?

    I guess that the "RPG" part means "Role Playing Games". But what does the "A" mean ? "Almost" ? "Administrative"? "Albeit"?
  4. The Condition Of Http://www.astahost.com

    Sorry, but I don't care about this! If I want to give my opinion, I say what I want to say. If the mod's feel it off-topic, that's their problem!
  5. Whats My 'warn Status'?

    By the way, how does your warn status appear? Is it clickable? You should be able to click the words "Warn Status".
  6. Html 5, What's New ?

    Wow! Mozilla 4 ! I'm still satisfied with my FireFox 2, why should I switch to Mozilla 4 ? Will eat more cpu, will need a bigger computer?
  7. Can A Moderator Please Help Me?

    On Xisto : http://forums.xisto.com/topic/68879-topic/ And at Xisto : Similar, but different, so no plagiarism. Be careful, mods can see when you have been warned. If you say "two monthes ago" and it was four days ago, nobody will believe you are really honest.
  8. Windows 7 Browserless Version

    ChillyFox ! I love it ! Would it be bundled with WranglerBird for the mails ?
  9. Free Ftp Clients? What to use?

    I voted for "other" in the poll. I type "ftp:username@myhost" in the IE6 URL field, it opens a window with the remote computer folder, and I can copy-paste from and to my computer. This is very convenient when you often switch computers, and you happen to be on a computer where no ftp client is installed, or I am not familiar with the installed ftp client.
  10. Crawl.googlebot.com how and why ?

    Or he forgot refreshing his browser window?
  11. Crawl.googlebot.com how and why ?

    I also see your rep, you said : does your browser have a problem? I use IE7
  12. Free Choice Science Project

    Depends how much time you have, and how much money you could imagine obtain.I have a rather selfish idea. When I go walking for a long time (several days for instance) my PC is very interesting for keeping me in touch with my friends (mail and MSN).For walkers there are solar pannels, on your bag, charging a battery.It would be interesting to see how much watts/hour a portable solar pannel near your contry can provide, and see if you can create a complete set with the solar cell on the bag containing a EE-pc, and verify that after on day walking in the country you have power enough for surfing on the net during a couple of hours before going to sleep.
  13. Don't worry about Credits, just watch your myCENTS balance. When you write down posts, myCENTS increase. When it reaches 100, your myEARNINGS will change from 0.0 to $1.0, and your cents will return down to 0.0 and will grop up with the new posts. You should have at least $3 in your account in order to pay your monthly due for your site hosting.
  14. Yes, I am registered. I have six posts in the forum, and at Xisto - Support I have the following zeros everywhere in the statistics : And, as you can see, almost eight hours since my last post.
  15. Sleep Function Not Working

    Seems that some libraries are missing, either physically not installed or need to be #included.Also, the msleep functions has different meanings, depending from the C version you use. This intruduces the accurante moment to talk a bout the portability guide, which defines the way of writing programs in such a way that they can be compiled on all ansi C compliant compilers.