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  1. Hello, I am having some trouble setting up Internet Connection Sharing. Here is my setup. My internet is through a neighbor who is sharing there internet with me wirelessly, so I don't have any type of broadband modem, just a wireless card on my desktop PC. I have a linksys WRT54G router connected to the desktop PC and tried following the guidelines for home networking, and works fine, but no internet connection now. When I unhook my router then my internet connection comes back. Its as if the computer is looking for internet on my network, and I dont know how to have it use the wireless internet from my neighbor and the network just for file/printer sharing. I have a laptop and a Wii in another room that the wireless isn't strong enough to reach. I thought I could use Internet Connection Sharing on the desktop in the room where it works to share that computer's internet connection over the router to the Wii and the laptop and basically "rebroadcast" the internet through my desktop PC's connection. I can't seem to figure this out because each time I hook my router back up, it just kills the wireless internet again. Also, my neighbor's router is on - so I went into the router I have and changed it to thinking this was the problem. When I reconnect my wireless connection to the internet and type in it finds nothing. but finds my neighbor's router. When I go into connections and click to disconnect the wireless connection it goes back to my router and works again.Is it possible to use my desktop's internet connection to rebroadcast to my wii and my laptop through my linksys router? If not, is there a way to use my wireless router for file/printer sharing with the 2 PCs, but still let them find there own wireless internet connection without looking to my network for it? Please help, thank you.