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  1. How nicely said: !
  2. And did you try the "anniversary update"? Is it worth installing it? It's supposed to come with a native bash, is it usable?
  3. I often have to manage xps files. Sometimes I receive them included in a mail, sometimes I use a xps printer on a friendâs PC when no pdf printer is available and the physical printer is out of order. Unfortunately, not all devices have a xps reader available. So, I started looking for a portable (standalone) reader or converter I could carry on a USB device. I found it mentioned here : http://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/9837/software-to-convert-xps-to-pdf The free version of the software can be found here : http://ghostscript.com/download/gxpsdnld.html This is a very light weighted binary file. As mentioned in the readme file, use it in order to display the content of an xps file if you donât have reader on your PC. For instance, if you want to see which animal is in the file named tiger.xps, just type the following : More smartly, use the embedded ghostscript engine in order to convert your file (here named input.xps) to a pdf file named out.pdf And this out.pdf file can be read on any system having a pdf reader, a tablet or an androit phone for instance. Isnât this marvelous ?
  4. If you really have a lot of entries, more than Mysql can manage, then you will need a really huge computer ! The limits of MySql can be reached only on really big computers!
  5. temporay problem, now solved.
  6. Great, yes! However .... What was superbly revealed?
  7. In my opinion, there is no reason for that. Astahost can revive inside the current forum. I loved astahost, I like this forum, why not ?
  8. You're right, probably several reasons came simultaneously. I think only spammers were banned, no real active members were kicked out. However we should find a way bringing our active members back again.
  9. OK, one big questions, two answers. First of all, have a look at your account in the Xisto client area, and have a look at your current balance. Let's say that you have "myCENTs 5.59". This means that you have almost 6 cents, which means that you currently have $0.06 Let's suppose that, instead, you currently have "myCENTS 400", which means that you have $4.00 Secondly, this is why it works. If you ordered a plan and you receive an invoice of $3.00, this invoice will be paid by the mycents you have in your account, and your new balance will be $1.00 If your invoice is $6.00, then the $4.00 in your account will be used, and $2.00 will still be due, you will have to pay these $2.00 with your PayPal or your ChekOut or BankWire account.
  10. Are you sure Are you sure ? I tried this, and I got 415 000 résults Concerning the links which don't work, these are simply bugs. Simply submit a ticket to Xisto support, and this will be fixed. You will be surprized how fast the support guys answer !
  11. -- Update --- The "register" problem is now solved, it was a faulty captcha issue, now it's fixed. Sorry for that.
  12. OK, I see two different things : 1) The "register" part is faulty, the captcha control has to be repaired. 2) The topic explaining how to register is not readable. However, I don't really understand the reason why the forums have to be split again ? People who previously loved astahost are redirected to the current forum, so there should be no problem? Their login infos are still valid, so everything should be okay?
  13. OK, folks, now this is an old topic, but the question start being seriously up-to-date : Now the new systems are preloaded with Windows10. How do you like it? Personally I did not know that Powerpoint was set with autosave as default option : I put a lot of garbage in my colleague's pps document, saying "don't worry, I will quit without saving". I closed without saving, we opened the document again and she said "why do I have a lot of garbage inside my document?" This, and the fact that connecting to PlayStore changed the way the user logs in to the PC, I feel it weird
  14. Oh yeah! Precisely like you said! Unbelievable! Awesome!
  15. I'm curious, who is in charge of this certificate renewal? Is it simply a waiting time?