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  1. OK, I see two different points in your question. First of all, you should check the legal things about this. For instance, in some countries, this kind of behavior is completely forbidden. Secondly the technical point. Are you the owner of this network? The, for security reasons, you must have a firewall on top of your network. If you are the owner of this network, you have access to the firewall logs. Of course you are not supposed to read them. However, you have to know that the firewall logs records each connection to the internet. The computer which initiated the connection, the name of the visited website, and the connection time. Is this the info you needed?
  2. Yeah.... wow, a long article too heh heh. Very thorough though I have to admit.It certainly looks like all of your'e posts are quite large, unrolling is what I would call it, just explaining a shorter thing in more detail or adding little bits and pieces that are relevant. This could be true. However, there are also moderators around here. And saying short things with a lot of useless words could also be seen as pure spam, and the correspond posts would be deleted. So, the trick is simple : explain precisely what you want to say, using correct English sentences, the goal of the whole thing being to give information useful for other people around here.
  3. Got a Problem with a Friend's Computer?

    Why did you post a question copied from another forum ? Is this a problem you are currentely experiencing ?
  4. The Dog Observer

    Oh yeah, that's a good topic theme! I think that dogs vs cats have often very different behaviors. Dogs sometimes love playing with cats, and some cats love playing with dogs. However, some cats are afraid of dogs, and don't let them come near. And some dogs love chasing cats, trying to eat them! So, yes, please tell us if you have a cat and a dog at home, and tell us how they behave!
  5. The Dog Observer

    Very disapointed but still partly fan ?
  6. I have to confirm this point. Today I have several mails I am waiting for, which are qualified as spams. Probably these people are google's competitors so their mails are supposed being spams and systematically redirected to the spam folder ? Or maybe and advertising mail has been signaled as being a spam, and the sender has been flagged as spammer and his mails are now considered as being spams ?
  7. Or more efficiently, before destroying them off the android phone!
  8. Fnaf

    This is a quite interesting point. It's not free on play store. After that, could be usuful to see if the version sold for 2.99 is the same one, or twice worse, justifying the price twice lower!
  9. What Camera Canon Or Nikon

    Ha-Ha, no chance, man! You have to feel the camera in your hands, see how stable it behaves, how comfortably your eyes looks throgh the viewer. Sorry, but you cannot choose a camera without having it in your hands. The best way is to ask a vendor to open to unlock the glasses and let you try the camera!
  10. Anybody Still Here?

    I'm still using this forum. However, If it keeps displaying ads for "meet and date ukrainian girls", my wife will ban this IP from our network!
  11. By the way, once saved, are the SMS readable offline ? Recently I had a filesystem full problem and had to destroy all my SMS in order to save space on my android phone, would be interesting to have a way to read them offline after having removed them from my phone
  12. Windows Xp Alternatives

    I would be curious testing this BOSS Linux for private gaming users. Some games working perfectly on the old Windows XP computers, have protections which don't work on the new computers runningWindows 10, and don't work with wine on Linux, I would be curious to see if they work on this Linux release. For instance will games using old versions of Microsoft Access runtime work on this BOSS linux release ?
  13. The Condition Of Http://www.astahost.com

    How nicely said: !
  14. Did You Try Windows 10 ?

    And did you try the "anniversary update"? Is it worth installing it? It's supposed to come with a native bash, is it usable?
  15. I often have to manage xps files. Sometimes I receive them included in a mail, sometimes I use a xps printer on a friendâs PC when no pdf printer is available and the physical printer is out of order. Unfortunately, not all devices have a xps reader available. So, I started looking for a portable (standalone) reader or converter I could carry on a USB device. I found it mentioned here : http://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/9837/software-to-convert-xps-to-pdf The free version of the software can be found here : http://ghostscript.com/download/gxpsdnld.html This is a very light weighted binary file. As mentioned in the readme file, use it in order to display the content of an xps file if you donât have reader on your PC. For instance, if you want to see which animal is in the file named tiger.xps, just type the following : More smartly, use the embedded ghostscript engine in order to convert your file (here named input.xps) to a pdf file named out.pdf And this out.pdf file can be read on any system having a pdf reader, a tablet or an androit phone for instance. Isnât this marvelous ?