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  1. where can i get a messages board

    Unfortunately, Proboards has banner and pop-up ads that clutter the page. My preference is to go with either phpBB nuke or IPB
  2. Google GBrowser

    lol, why ask when 11 people have already posted replys and stuff? XD just read the entire thread.
  3. Forum applications the best php forum to use for your site

    I, myself still prefer IPB, which you can get for free at
  4. PHP Help

    Sorry, I don't use PHP, I use an IPB for my site.
  5. Posting

    Yeah well, now that they relabeled the forums, I'm a bit confused :?

    I don't know about that, I seem to just get the same results as Google or Yahoo
  7. GMAIL

    Either that, or just visit, just a friendship promise will get you one!
  8. Which Search Engine Do You Use The Most?

    I usually stick with Google, but for image purposes I use Google and Yahoo.
  9. What is the size of you HD

    Goddamn, why do you need 560GB of hard drive space? I have 120GB and I'm only using about 20GB worth of that
  10. AMD And INTEL major diffrence

    Again, price for power. AMD's chips you pay a HUGE amount of money towards them, but since Intel mass produces them, they can sell their chips for a much lower price.
  11. Remember: price for power. nVida you pay more for their cards when you can pay less for an ATi card that is of equal power.
  12. Two of my favorite programs to run

    Does anyone know how to config Thunderbird so that it receives from the Gmail server?
  13. You should have a list of admin commands for the server if you run it yourself.
  14. In DIRE need of help about installing CGI

    This may be a bit out of date, but I eventually got the counter to work. Thanks guys!
  15. Invision board template?? Need help

    I'm assuming that when you say 'templates' that you mean skins. If so, then two great sites to look around in: