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  1. "With The Name Allah Almighty , the most beneficient and Merciful."Aslamo Alaikum! All FriendsI have just registered to The Site and im New One here.I hope Best for All of You.Here i m to discuss with you some thing about Internet sharing on local area network..I have a network of 10 pcs in my office..we provide internet facility on 10 systems though a http page logon system..The Intenet is provided by a main server running Linux operating system..All Authentication is done from that server having ip 10 systems get IP's through DHCP as, and so on.The Process is done as follows.When a employee want sto connect to internet, he open in etern explorer winds and try to open any site , if he is offline a Lo0gon authentication page loads and he has to provide a username and password and then click Login button then the user name and password is checked on main server and if validated the user connects to the net and start browsing....the whole process uses tcp/ip protocol and a software named Putty is used to check the process , traffic, data tarnsfer some times it happens that an error showing " error recieving datafrom scoket 9 and some times " error receiving data from socket 104" occurs and the authentication page hangs and users cann't logon or disconnect if connected..I want to discuss why this error occurs and can anybody tell me the solution of this problem..I hope i will get a response from you poeple soon. InshallahThanks!Sajjad Naveed