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  1. Video Games As Art?

    Yes, why can't it be? art is expression.
  2. Anti-Evolution Arguments

    One prominent anti-evolution argument is that humans are not evolving, so evolution cannot be true. OK, but then: - We still evidently show variations - But there is little scope for these variations to suit new environments. Humans exist in practically all places which we can physiologically survive in, and thus have developed traits to do as such. Like dark skin, light skin, etc. the only exceptions by and large are extreme environments like deserts or Antarctica. So as there is little left to adapt to, then how can we evolve?
  3. Why Is It Bad To Be An Atheist?

    Why is it bad not to believe in God? Is it because they lack "morals"? Well who even defines morals? Morals don't even exist (though most theists aren't supposed to believe that). Is there a reason specifically why it's "bad" to be an atheist?
  4. Changing I.p. Adress

    In what context do you mean? is it public? well you can't change that, it's the ISP's property, not your own. is it private? well yeah, you can change this anytime. it's your router, right? lol..
  5. Crazy About An Acting Teacher...

    OK, well about six months ago, I signed up to do private classes with a local acting teacher, and: - We started talking and joking around on Facebook and Gmail - After class once she said she was heading to the hospital in my home town and gave me a lift. when we talked in the car, it was like we were old friends - She confessed some really personal stuff online, and said she values me as a friend to tell me That said, I think I'm developing feelings for her. I know it may sound weird, but she seems like a pretty person on the inside and outside. the thing is, well this is kind of complex, so I will outline below: - I think she knows that i like her, however I don't want to ask her out on a proper date as she may get spooked out, and that may in turn jeopardise my practice. I'm thinking of asking her out to the movies instead, just as friends. - We talk almost everyday online, but my main fear here is above. if it were in another avenue, then yeah, I wouldn't need to care.
  6. I love everybody! why can't be there be more love in the world?