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  1. What Camera Canon Or Nikon

    Hey guys i have been shopping for cameras but this place i live in is like mmmmmm they do not have showroom to showcase cameras. i walked into the store damn all of the good stuff was locked in glass. i just had to admire and see prices. now i need to know who has a good gadget that i can copy to catch the great images of the day weddings and stuff. basically i know pple are going to go crazy with all sorts of questions but mmmm what can i say. i grew up in the rural countryside well maned and good access to basics and the luxury of internet. How nice i now live in town and just having the old 128mb, 512kb etc ahhhhh. those days i did not realise i would get to this time where i will say ok lads this is really slow. enough of the nibbly tibbly stuff i learnt most of my tech stuff online and am sure can still continue to do so as we go. Im not looking for a $5000/£5000 camera but some good standard pro/semipro not sure how best they are discribed but i want something that is diferent from my current 450d...... im so outdated on this i just want a big jump to good stuff look good when i meet people at events. i want to be able to take good images in darker areas not dark photos that are difficult to clean up and lighten. you just want nice pics ready to print or tint or anything that can make it interesting. imagine getting it to look lighter then make it look diferent... lots of time for most of you guys hooked on photoshop, darkroom etc.... well less people use darkroom not sure why has anyone tried it? mmmm its the expense i guess. The question now is what brand? Nikon or Canon these are the giants i have seen pros taking and looking at 7D what is the equivalent for 7D anyone know. Please help help help help someone was saying Nikon is getting good for dark areas ..... not sure if it is lense selection or what.
  2. Webspace

    Sweet i am happy with that and will stick to other people doing the donkey work for me and pay a fee to get the service. Its nice to enjoy services and shout at someone when it fails hahahahahahaha i guess i will keep myself to that
  3. The Virgin

    Hi, my name is difficult for all to read so will call mwaa Tawacom. Born and bred in Africa i migrated to Europe in the last decade via work and other adult commitments.I have traveled to most European cities and towns though still exploring. I do hope to continue untill i have had a chance to cover the whole of Europe and then start my move to Asia, i have not yet attempted to get to the lovley lands though i do hope by the end of this year which is almost done will have at least visited China. The learning curve of various cultures has taught me a lot about the life that we live. I have met with all sorts of characters who behave like human beings and some like animals. It pains me deeply to the world like this but such is life all we hope for is a good favorable life at the end nomatter what culture or background you come from, whether you are lazy or hardworking. My recent visit to UK has opened my eyes and brains things i did not believe do happen have seen them happening. Good and bad all i have seen dont worry the british nation is blessed with good things though some people there do not realize the treasure they have and the life they have. Only if they are sent to India, China South America and most African countries if not all they will come back valuing what they have. Anyway why must i judge or compare different people and statuses as they present themselves. I have seen varios ends of disrespect from the young generation across countries while the older generations are polite and helpful in mot cases as long as they are not in the lost era of hate but above all i have enjoyed my travels across Europe so far hope to keep exploring and learning the cultures of the world..... I am fan of the man well known but not liked by others as they question his existence, some say if he exists why is the wold upside down and some have their own ideas the list keep growing but all i can say is he is great for me and i will keep following him till i die by the way he is the lord my saviour who protects me always.... try him you may be amazed. Films are all good for me if the are full of emotions, meaning, a good ending, action, adventure and much more but above all i love good movies. As for reading i have just started reading the manual of life, the book that you will never tire to read the Holy Bible. I do not have any particular food that i would say i like as long as it tastes goo i think that will be good most importantly it must fill the tummmy hehehehehe. By the way i am hapily married though some say that is overrated to say happily married is it well iam happy with my life so far and do not worry of tomorrow as God takes care of that.
  4. Webspace

    Who started the webspace leading to this business of webhosting. I have heard that there is noone who owns the webspace how fr true is this? If so why do then companies charge an arm and a leg for it.... is it possible for one to create server systems for all this in the comfort of their own home.There is lots of confusion s to what is required or needed to achieve this setup, is there anyone ready to share some tips on that basis,