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  1. Water Powered Cars

    Using electrolysis make hydrogen from clean H2O thus imagine the water power vehicle is feasible might have a long way to go before it became reality, I still remembered the fuss about the plastic cars a while ago which was not materialized. I believe there is a lot of technical challenge, maybe solar car would be a bit more practical in my opinion.
  2. I think your MyCent could be better used for other services instead of buying a domain. since you can get a domain for a lot cheaper from other guys. I got mine from Godaddy for 99c a while ago. Hard earned mycent should be used for something more valuable?
  3. What Is The Best Web Browser

    I used Firefox most of the time, but I did get into quite some troubles with Firefox, for example can not print PDF files, web page load problem etc. I would vote for Internet explorer since it's very popular and seems to have the best compatibility. Oprea is very good on my smartphone though, much better than IE.
  4. Yordan cleared me off so now I can get myCENTS and credit again. Thank you Yordan and I will keep hanging around but with great caution not to get warning. Thank for all who replied. This topic is closed.
  5. Ever since I got the warning, I have stopped posting anything which would remotely raise any doubt. Like I said I already sent the mode (in this case yordan I believe or is he the one which oversess all board) a PM, yet to wait to see if I can get a fast response. Keep my fingers crossed will report back like if anyone cares. 8ennett I was just wondering what do you mean by "as long as you are nice to yordan"?
  6. New Here...where Should I Begin?

    I am new as well, if you just want to earn credit for whatever reason, just try follow the active topic or post original creative topics. Unfortunately the forum is not that active. But you will get there if you want by keep posting. Good luck
  7. Here's the update if anyone is interested: I got a response from support by saying the reason I got myCENTS in steady state is because my account has warning, I have to get warning removed so the billing support can remove the steady state from MyCENTS earning, then myCENTS can be converted to credits. I have since send a PM to the moderator who issued my warning and see if my warning can be removed so I can get the CENTS converted to credit. Will report back again if this get fixed. But the take home message is you can not geet any earnings into credit if you get a warning. I did not find this info anywhere.
  8. Solar Energy the solar boat

    Solar power is way to go. Notice from rvalkass: Anything copied must be quoted.
  9. When you login, you do see the credit converted from myCENTS, but you don't have any option to convert by yourself. It supposed to be done automatically by the system like mentioned in the email you received when you get your credit converted. Something seems messed up with my account that's my guess, I have since opened a support ticket ask for help in the Xisto - Support. I'll see when I can get a response. Will report back if problem fixed. Thanks!
  10. Out of all the people I know maybe there is only 1 guy who doesn't have a mobile phone. the reason is he is not that social and he does not see a need for it, plus I think he is a bit cheap as well. But the question for how old should you have a mobile phone?What age should you get a mobile phone is a personal decision. There is some parents who are not comfortable not knowing and being able to track where their kids are, and they need to keep contact all the time. Also there are parents who feel very comfortable when they children are away from them.I grew up without a phone. Gone are the days when all the children played outdoors while the adults on the block talked and laughed and kept an eye on the kids. We now live in a world of Amber alerts. I respect the parents who say my kids don't need a cell phone and I respect the parents who say my kids do need a cell phone.I do wish I did have one as a teenager so I can keep connecting with all my family and friends all the time.The most important thing as a parent is to determine your comfort level, and make your decision regarding your children with your comfort level in mind. There is no right or wrong age for a child to have a cell phone. My children don't use their phones often to call their friends. Between the three of us, we don't go over our minutes and we have 500 minutes per month. They pay for their downloads from their allowance, so they know how to restrain themselves. I know who they're talking to from looking at the phone bill. The bottom line: the whole family is at ease.
  11. Has Anybody Tried Byethost?

    I have search for the free hosting, it seems Byethost fits into the bill, but it seems they ceased to accept application until 2/1/11. But I have googled the review on the net, it seems a lot of controversal comments. Some have real good experience, but other complainging lost of account, lost of database. I guess it really depends upon your expectations, it's a feehost. Here's are 2 example's of the review:Bad first:"Steer clear of this awful host.I'm with their paid hosting. I've used many different hosts in all my years and never have I taken the time to write a review. But they are the absolute worst host on the net and are causing me substantial loss of business. My account has been suspended for server load, they refer to me as one of the "bad customers", but in actual fact my site was only getting about 10-15 visitors a day and I have no forums or anything else that would cause excessive server load. And because they suspended my account for a couple days, my google page rank went from #2, to not even being in the top 100 now. I think the shared hosting has such low resources as a ploy to get you to upgrade to a VPS server, a scam I want no part of. I was even thinking of upgrading to a reseller account before this mess happened, good thing I didn't jump into that right away. If you're running a business off your website and rely on it to make a living, then this is NOT the host for you. But if you're ok with crappy service and don't mind having your account suspended for days at a time then go for it."Good one here:" is the best host ever! ratingI am using their free plan & everything is just like paid hosting but i am getting tired of the vista panel they are offering in my opinion they should upgrade it! I do not means that the vista panel is bad its good and easy to use now i am going to upgrade to a premium plan surely to monthly standard after it i will upgrade to monthly ultimate! & also the great thing of this company is that they never terminate any account without giving a backup & if they closed your account without any backup then you can get backup by submiting support ticket! this makes byet the no.1 choice. So if you wants a reliability,speed,value then choose as your permanent host! Byet keep it up we all are very happy with you~"Personally I will signup for a free host to see how good or bad itis!
  12. I can vote for for the new .com domain registration, but that's only for the 1 year. Less than $2 a year seems like a real hot dal. For renewal and transferrs, you'll have to find out other deal if you don't just want to pay the regular charge. But I was told godaddy had 0.99 domain registration before, but that was expired.
  13. I just signed up here at Xisto forum, but I already have signed up in Xisto forum and earned myCENTS there, I was wondering if I post here, will myCENTs merge with the ones I earned there or not?While I just checked seems the cents are not merge into each other, here it shows my post is No. 1 with no myCENTS showed up.
  14. Didnt Get Any Mycents. mycents

    My experience is I got myCENTs showed up pretty fast meaning the same day, but after you get more than 100 myCENTS you are supposed to get cents converted to credit which you can use later, the time for the conversion varies, I got the first 1 or 2 pretty fast, but no luck recently. I thought the system should automatically check and update per email. But seems that's not the case.