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    Ha-ha, let's do it that way, let's have half a pint of beer!
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    There are a few things that bring me here. I want to save up some MyCents to buy some of the items Xisto has on offer. This forum used to be an interesting place where you could find answers and solutions to about anything and everything. I will elaborate on the above point a bit in the rest of this post. I say "This forum used to be....", as, years ago, when I was here before, there were a lot of helpful and knowledgeable people on here, and you could post here about just about anything you had a problem with (PC, hardware, software, mobile phone, whatever), and you would get a competent answer in a relatively short time, and, moreover, the reply would usually solve your problem. I was really surprised to see how much this place has gone down since then (does Opaque even still post here?), I really could not believe my own eyes. It does look, though, like most of the people I knew back then have not left completely, as a lot of them still seem to be on positive MyCents balances. So, I was really wondering what exactly has caused this downfall. Another reason why I am here, apart from wanting to buy some things, is to add to the number of members and posts on this forum, and while I know that just my presence here will hardly make any difference, I will try to persuade some friends to join too Also, while I am on the subject, I have been made aware of the fact that the automated MyCents calculation system is no longer in operation, but I think it would be nice if my balance could be started up and kept updated, so that I could at least follow where I stand if I am to make some purchases. So, here are some reasons why I am here, on a place that used to be so much alive once, and, at the risk of repeating myself, I am hardly going to make any difference to the situation by being here, however, I am going to do my utter best (together with some friends) to try and bring some life back here.
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    State Of The Forum

    Hi, M6NEN, Concerning the three questions, the first one is "yes, this forum is still fully operationnal". Unfortunately, the posts are relatively old, we hope that our members will post a lot of new posts as soon as possible! Currently there are so few new topics that the Mycents system is not active now, we will probably have to work out a kind of "manual" estimation for the quality of the new posts. However, yes, our goal is still to offer fully professional hosting to our very active members! Hope this answers your questions? Regards Yordan
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    2 Hard Drives in 1 Laptop or Just Keep 1

    This should not add so much weight : you remove the CD and replace it's weight by the SSD. So, having two disks will incredibly speed up your macbook, this will widely compensate the effort of manipulating a HEAVY computer!
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    A World Without Math

    Science, and particularly mathematics, is a mean for describing the world around us. This world does exist, even if we don't want to see it. A lack of mathematics will simple be a lack of understanding our environment