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  3. Runescape Help Need help on RS? Read this

    Anyone still play runescape? Years have past... we have gotten older but I recently found out you can play the original for free. It's fun and you can play on your android phone.
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  5. Not so sure that it is automatically installed. Very often, when installing a linux program, I received "cannot be installed because prerequisite blahblahblah has to be installed first", or "conflicting with installed blahblahxxxx". Of course, this depends from the installed Linux distro and the skills of the guy who installed the needed addons, but I feel it often painful when I want to install something for gaming or working purposes on a Linux computer.
  6. Doing The Right Thing

    Don't you think it's cheating ? This is precisely the situation where you should find your own words. Even saying "sorry, I have no word" is better than paying somebody else expressing your feelings.
  7. Doing The Right Thing

    hey dog. I know how it is difficult sometimes to find the right words for a person you care about. But don't worry. Visit and find a professional writer who will create an inspiring and cheerful text for your girlfriend. Words can heal the soul.
  8. Thinking About Earning Money? on the Internet

    For those of you here who are more or less familiar with blogging can benefit from or various content marketing platforms like Adsy that are designed to help bloggers find their niche and earn from creating and publishing sponsored content.
  9. Of course, this is a rather old issue, the current version is 57. However, keeping your browser up-to-date is still a good idea.
  10. What Camera Canon Or Nikon

    Nicely said. A real Canon user can feel a real reason to switch to Nikon.
  11. Anybody Still Here?

    Hi, nice to see you here
  12. What Camera Canon Or Nikon

    The most appropriate gear is going to depend heavily on what you intend to use it for. For example, turning up to photograph a wedding with a 500mm telephoto long-lens is going to get you some very odd looks, and some not very good photos. Likewise, trying to photograph a motor race using only an 8mm fisheye lens will also be less than successful. "Prosumer" is the word you're looking for - half way between 'professional' level equipment and 'consumer' level equipment. Look for a camera body with as large a sensor as possible (i.e. a full frame sensor) as these typically have larger pixel areas, and therefore can gather more light in the same amount of time compared to smaller sensors. Be wary of simply comparing the highest ISO a camera body claims to be able to work at. Yes, one camera may have the option to take an image at ISO 25600, but if the output is just noise then it could hardly be considered a useful feature; compare reviews and sample photographs which have not been post-processed, or better yet, go and try the cameras for yourself. I'm a Nikon guy, but if you already have a 450D, and associated Canon lenses and accessories, why not stick with Canon?
  13. Anybody Still Here?

    Hello all I still take a look around every once in a while, just to see what's going on.
  14. Of course, if it's in your own home, it's different, with your children you act exactly as you decide. However, you asked the question about This is a different question, you have to consider your employee's rights toward their browsing freedom during working hours.
  15. Asking About My Career

    It's pretty dissapointed to hear this story of you. I think your husband isn't competent in labor market. There should be your business development assignment in Australia, for example. He has to understand the importance of desicions in your life. The work always have a place there, you may help him, the problem lies in a small misunderstanding or wrong way, most likely you need to revise the aspects of life of each of you.
  16. OK, I see two different points in your question. First of all, you should check the legal things about this. For instance, in some countries, this kind of behavior is completely forbidden. Secondly the technical point. Are you the owner of this network? The, for security reasons, you must have a firewall on top of your network. If you are the owner of this network, you have access to the firewall logs. Of course you are not supposed to read them. However, you have to know that the firewall logs records each connection to the internet. The computer which initiated the connection, the name of the visited website, and the connection time. Is this the info you needed?
  17. Yeah.... wow, a long article too heh heh. Very thorough though I have to admit.It certainly looks like all of your'e posts are quite large, unrolling is what I would call it, just explaining a shorter thing in more detail or adding little bits and pieces that are relevant. This could be true. However, there are also moderators around here. And saying short things with a lot of useless words could also be seen as pure spam, and the correspond posts would be deleted. So, the trick is simple : explain precisely what you want to say, using correct English sentences, the goal of the whole thing being to give information useful for other people around here.
  18. Yeah.... wow, a long article too heh heh. Very thorough though I have to admit.It certainly looks like all of your'e posts are quite large, unrolling is what I would call it, just explaining a shorter thing in more detail or adding little bits and pieces that are relevant.
  19. Microsoft's Memo To It's Indian Staff - Hilarious

    Hey now ... this can't be right. I mean, m^e ... are you seriously saying this is a true letter? I mean, it looks kinda weird that they get offended with hindi abuses. I mean, we use hindi, telugu AND english abuses all the time here in chennai. Hehe, it's a good thing the locals don't understand anything other than tamil
  20. want to setup a network, where i see all employees browsing details those who are in my network
  21. Customize Your Own Skills?

    I agree. It is changing only appearance. I am writing mmos guide and reviews too. Enjoy guys:
  22. Nobody has the answer ? How to backup and read offline my SMS messages before cleaning up in order to save room on my phone ?
  23. Got a Problem with a Friend's Computer?

    Why did you post a question copied from another forum ? Is this a problem you are currentely experiencing ?
  24. The Dog Observer

    Seems that nobody around here has cats and dogs in the same house!
  25. The Dog Observer

    Oh yeah, that's a good topic theme! I think that dogs vs cats have often very different behaviors. Dogs sometimes love playing with cats, and some cats love playing with dogs. However, some cats are afraid of dogs, and don't let them come near. And some dogs love chasing cats, trying to eat them! So, yes, please tell us if you have a cat and a dog at home, and tell us how they behave!
  26. The Dog Observer

    By the way, who here has a dog and a cat at home how are they getting along?
  27. The Dog Observer

    yordan, not anymore.....
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