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  4. Pc Games On Xbox? how to play pc games

    Oh yeah, simplest is still best. Console games on consoles, Xbox games on Xbox, Windows games on Windows PC, Android games on Android tablets and phones!
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  6. Pc Games On Xbox? how to play pc games

    Try to use application like windows media center on 360 or with dual boot otherwise it is very hard to play these games on Xbox. Source: Technofizi
  7. A World Without Math

    Without math, we wouldn't have Street Fighter '2' or even Terminator '2'.
  8. The Fastest Linux

    I think she meant that the Linux is a more stable system than the rapid. The special article was dedicated on paperial. It's good for installation on old technology, because of this system doesn't require the computing resources. There are free programs and the OS in the Linux as a bonus.
  9. Sorry, but I don't fully understand what you said.How can I check this by myself ? The website you mention seems to be devoted to write essays for lazy students. Do you mean that, without much effort, I can write quickly an assay and immediately get money for this ?
  10. Hello, I totally agree with your statements, but I Think guys from have already solved the problem with cash systems. Only proven pay systems that give you maximum security and reliability. You can easily check it by yourself.
  11. The Dog Observer

    The best part about that show was the South Park parody. They did a whole episode on it. It was hilarious lol. They just replaced the dog or a pet with Eric Cartman.
  12. Old School Review: The Legend Of Zelda

    That is awesome. Nothing like a storm to help you get back into some old school gaming. Hopefully things did`nt get too crazy. I never got into Zelda but appreciate you got a chance to play around with it. For me, if I ever was caught up in a similar storm, I would love to play the classic Super Mario.
  13. By the way, remember that there is a philosophical very important question : Il your personality inherited from your parents, or is it formed by your surrounding environment? If your friends have the same results to this test, and provided that they have the same cultural environment, this could mean that the test mainly measures the environmental influence on your personality!
  14. I had a fast read on it, seemed rather correct.
  15. Interesting most of my friends are similar to me ! Did you read the 'information' on it? do you think it is like you ?
  16. According to the 16personalities test, seems that I am
  17. I am an ENTP although I use to be INFP then I turned into ENFP now I am ENTP. It stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. (image source: I'm curious what are you? There are free personality tests online you can do I like this one because the graphics are nice:
  18. Old School Review: The Legend Of Zelda

    Oh, it was a great game. I remember how we played it with friends in our childhood find help with it at this site
  19. What news? Please tell us! Were you successful cloning the Operating System from your "legacy" hard drive to your new SSD drive? Did the laptop boot from the SSD ?
  20. You have followed the steps correctly and presently is pointing to the IP ( The "other" server needs to refresh their cache for them to take the change. Regards, OpaQue
  21. Do you play games on your phone ?

    I don't have enough data to play any games any more but I used to play Heroes of Order & Chaos! It's a MOBA game similar to LEague of legends/Dota. It's best played on a tablet because the screens bigger but it's super fun! You team up with 4 other people and you fight on a map to kill enemy and shoot down their turrets to get their base
  22. Hi, I would like to create a subdomain in my Xisto hosting Cpanel.. and then host it on another server(a free one) so I can separate my content. How would I do this? The info of the other host is: [''] [TTL=86400] So In the Zone editor I created And I try to park it in the other server but it doesnt work? Any ideas on how to do this?? DO I put it in CNAME???? (I Have already tried making the TTL = 86400 and it doesnt work the other site wont let me park it)
  23. OK, the problem is that currently running OS does not accept erasing himself... And you cannot boot of the installation CD because you removed the CD reader. The thing you want to do is to clone your hard-drive MacOs to your SSD disk. You can do this with the disk utility, but of course you have to do some preliminary tasks before that. I found a nice tutorial, how to clone your hard hard disk to a SSD - Mac Unfortunately it's a french document, if you don't feel comfortable with french texts google an English version. Roughly, you first resize the current MacOs partition to make it smaller than your SSD disk. Then you boot on the off the recovery HD partition and you start the disk recovery program, you choose restore, as source volume you choose the current internal disk and as destination volume the new SSD. Here below a google translation of the link I mentionned : Hope this helps.... Regards Yordan
  24. Thanks I saved important files onto another external as I wanted a clean reset I want to reset my old internal old HDD to use just as memory(not have mac OS running on it) but my disk utility wont let me????? I can't find any information online. Is there a way to stop it running an OS ??? Or run Windows on it so the coputer is dual OS windows/mac ?
  25. Hi, Becca, Congrats, now we see that the LIUSSD hardware is installed and is usable, and macOS Sierra want to install. Before doing this, did you backup all your personal files ? Just in case?
  26. Hiiii . It was successful-ish =) I just had to unscrew everything and take out the optical drive and then put the SSD into a caddie case and slot it in. I booted it up and it works I'm trying to install macOS sierra in it now and change the start-up disk to my new one? I hope it works IrRead online if it doesnt... might have to swap the main HDD and 2ndary over which is annoying
  27. OK, please tell us if you were successful!
  28. I only know how to take out RAM Thanks! My caddy has arrived now. I'm going to watch a youtube video and following it step by step! I never know how to do anything until I research and follow a guide. It should be fine
  29. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. Cheers!
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