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  4. And of course, once you know how to use the free version of vmware player, you will be able to use the professional versions, and will be able to work on real professional virtualized servers! Creating and administrating partions on esx systems using vcenter work the same way.
  5. yordan

    Anybody Still Here?

    That's the question! Obviously I'm here. However, am I "Everyone" ?
  6. chachkin

    Anybody Still Here?

    I just signed up. Where everyone at?
  7. MOZ website is a really good SEO resource
  8. chachkin

    Seo Tips

    SEO Guidelines for URLS Make Urls simple and easy to understand for search engines and users Use hyphens ‘ – ‘ to separate the words that make up a url Avoid lengthy Urls with unnecessary information Use words that describe what the page is about but avoid keyword stuffing
  9. chachkin

    Tips To Earn In Google Adsense

    I don't think these applies anymore
  10. I guess that the initial topic question concerned free converters. The videosolo software you mention seems to cost $49.95. Il there a free version ?
  11. I haven't used online video converter because a software-based video converter ultimate is enough for me. And it has more function compare to the online converter. But the online converter also has advantages that is easy to use.
  12. Probably because you can choose your friends, then you choose people thinking the same way you do.
  13. Wow, that is such an interesting way to see it! I always assumed we inherit it from our parents, to begin with so the first 13 years (or so) of your life when you're under their roof you treat others the way your parents treat you. I think this is why sometimes there are bullies in schools because of their home life. Then your friends, surroundings sculpt that later on in life to tune who you are. But I do agree with a lot of the people from my school and my friends all have a similar mindset and I met all different people at University that's when the fun began ;) I also think maybe like attracts like? I read somewhere you are roughly the equivalent of all your friends put together?
  14. yordan

    Pc Games On Xbox? how to play pc games

    Oh yeah, simplest is still best. Console games on consoles, Xbox games on Xbox, Windows games on Windows PC, Android games on Android tablets and phones!
  15. AjayMeena

    Pc Games On Xbox? how to play pc games

    Try to use application like windows media center on 360 or with dual boot otherwise it is very hard to play these games on Xbox.
  16. Udonplease

    A World Without Math

    Without math, we wouldn't have Street Fighter '2' or even Terminator '2'.
  17. Mycou

    The Fastest Linux

    I think she meant that the Linux is a more stable system than the rapid. The special article was dedicated on paperial. It's good for installation on old technology, because of this system doesn't require the computing resources. There are free programs and the OS in the Linux as a bonus.
  18. Sorry, but I don't fully understand what you said.How can I check this by myself ? The website you mention seems to be devoted to write essays for lazy students. Do you mean that, without much effort, I can write quickly an assay and immediately get money for this ?
  19. Hello, I totally agree with your statements, but I Think guys from have already solved the problem with cash systems. Only proven pay systems that give you maximum security and reliability. You can easily check it by yourself.
  20. Udonplease

    The Dog Observer

    The best part about that show was the South Park parody. They did a whole episode on it. It was hilarious lol. They just replaced the dog or a pet with Eric Cartman.
  21. Udonplease

    Old School Review: The Legend Of Zelda

    That is awesome. Nothing like a storm to help you get back into some old school gaming. Hopefully things did`nt get too crazy. I never got into Zelda but appreciate you got a chance to play around with it. For me, if I ever was caught up in a similar storm, I would love to play the classic Super Mario.
  22. By the way, remember that there is a philosophical very important question : Il your personality inherited from your parents, or is it formed by your surrounding environment? If your friends have the same results to this test, and provided that they have the same cultural environment, this could mean that the test mainly measures the environmental influence on your personality!
  23. I had a fast read on it, seemed rather correct.
  24. Interesting most of my friends are similar to me ! Did you read the 'information' on it? do you think it is like you ?
  25. According to the 16personalities test, seems that I am
  26. I am an ENTP although I use to be INFP then I turned into ENFP now I am ENTP. It stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving. (image source: I'm curious what are you? There are free personality tests online you can do I like this one because the graphics are nice:
  27. amychersey

    Old School Review: The Legend Of Zelda

    Oh, it was a great game. I remember how we played it with friends in our childhood find help with it at this site
  28. What news? Please tell us! Were you successful cloning the Operating System from your "legacy" hard drive to your new SSD drive? Did the laptop boot from the SSD ?
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