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Hey guys i have been shopping for cameras but this place i live in is like mmmmmm they do not have showroom to showcase cameras. i walked into the store damn all of the good stuff was locked in glass. i just had to admire and see prices.


now i need to know who has a good gadget that i can copy to catch the great images of the day :) weddings and stuff. basically i know pple are going to go crazy with all sorts of questions but mmmm what can i say.


i grew up in the rural countryside well maned and good access to basics and the luxury of internet. How nice i now live in town and just having the old 128mb, 512kb etc ahhhhh. those days i did not realise i would get to this time where i will say ok lads this is really slow. enough of the nibbly tibbly stuff i learnt most of my tech stuff online and am sure can still continue to do so as we go.


Im not looking for a $5000/£5000 camera but some good standard pro/semipro not sure how best they are discribed but i want something that is diferent from my current 450d...... im so outdated on this i just want a big jump to good stuff look good when i meet people at events.


i want to be able to take good images in darker areas not dark photos that are difficult to clean up and lighten. you just want nice pics ready to print or tint or anything that can make it interesting. imagine getting it to look lighter then make it look diferent... lots of time for most of you guys hooked on photoshop, darkroom etc.... well less people use darkroom not sure why has anyone tried it? mmmm its the expense i guess.


The question now is what brand? Nikon or Canon these are the giants i have seen pros taking and looking at 7D what is the equivalent for 7D anyone know.


Please help help help help someone was saying Nikon is getting good for dark areas ..... not sure if it is lense selection or what.

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