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  1. Ouch... Google Adsense has seriously become desperate. It even asks me after login if I want "Adult" ads. My setting for the same is "No". Still.... those ads as reported by Yordan are pretty adult and I agree.... very annoying.
  2. Topic is resolved.Please PM any moderator to continue this discussion. Until then, this topic is closed.
  3. Yes, It's true. I messed up the merging of asta and trap forums. I apologize to everyone effected - But due to mycent script formatting the old posts, in order to recover 146,000 posts, I had to revert back 1 month.
  4. History is based on truth. We are being driven away from truth. That's what saddens me the most.
  5. Mycents system is presently under development due to forums merge. We will be back shortly...
  6. Welcome to forums.xisto.com, a Lot of stuff is pending here... Please post your comments and opinions.
  7. Just Curious about updates to this? All Laws are now Live ? More info. on the new laws? Any Links?
  8. OTRS.ORG is a free open source IT service management software solution. It has been downloaded over 1.65 million times and is available in 32 languages. OTRS makes money from consulting, software development, and support. osticket.com - osTicket :: Support Ticket System | osTicketOpen source support ticket system simple, FREE, lightweight, reliable, open source, and easy to setup and use. http://www.maiansupport.com/ - Maian Support - FREE PHP Support Ticket System a FREE support ticket system written in PHP/MySQL. Support is an integral part of any business and good support http://www.hesk.com/A free, PHP-Based Help Desk Software that runs with MySQL database, allowing you to quickly and easily set up a Web-based ticket support system for your ... http://www.simpleticket.net/ Simple Ticket is designed to facilitate the support of our client’s computers and networks. It has been specifically designed for IT support companies who service multiple small business clients; however, it can easily be used by a company’s internal IT staff to support a single client with hundreds of users. The software was written using Ruby on Rails and boasts the latest features found in today’s rich web applications such as Ajax.
  9. Xisto - Web Hosting now offers Unlimited Everything at just $11 / mon. If you pay yearly, Get further discounts. Contact Xisto - Web Hosting.com.
  10. off-topic.... My car flashes all these indicators every time... From EPS to ABS, Something of the other breaks (I suppose) and this indicator tries to scare me while I m driving... Sometimes after I see that ABS Indictor (saying its ******), I purposely brake here and there and check it a bit... My car works like always when these indicators flash, May be I m terrible driver.. or my advanced systems were already broke from day 1.
  11. Terrorism is the opposite side / part of Governance.
  12. You must have some other TV show you could talk about Else I think you both need to watch more comedy channels.
  13. Mycent will update today I m sorry, After the migration, FrontPage extensions were removed as they were depreciated 8 years ago. The new version of FP extensions called WebDAV is active on the Server. I had a snapshot taken .. So - The site was fixed - I'm sure, The FTP setting must have broken the navigation.
  14. I can give you this setup @ $10 / mon. :-D Order here : https://support.xisto.com/cart.php?gid=5