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  3. Ouch... Google Adsense has seriously become desperate. It even asks me after login if I want "Adult" ads. My setting for the same is "No". Still.... those ads as reported by Yordan are pretty adult and I agree.... very annoying.
  4. I'm still using this forum. However, If it keeps displaying ads for "meet and date ukrainian girls", my wife will ban this IP from our network!
  5. By the way, once saved, are the SMS readable offline ? Recently I had a filesystem full problem and had to destroy all my SMS in order to save space on my android phone, would be interesting to have a way to read them offline after having removed them from my phone
  6. I agree completely about the simple layout and access on mobile devices. There was some good reading and "How To" guides on the old forum but by far too many categories. Did need cutting down. But some of the guides were very useful. I suggest we use this for what it is. A fresh start. Ive been a member a long time with several log ins over the years and was a member of the Graphics crew when i was younger. I'll be happy to help or contribute however i can but as a fresh start we need to appeal to new members and old ones alike. If i can be of any help with anything just let me know or drop me a PM.
  7. I like the simple look, it works good on my phone which in this day and age is a must have. For this forum, I am wanting less categories, less sub-forums and just an ever moving discussion place. All worthy topics however may end up in a featured forum of their own to get the recognition they need. As for the hidden content. I may bring back a lot of the popular content and even may rewrite my old posts to an updated state. My main view for this place is to get our community back when it use to thrive and starting fresh may help us gain them back. People are a lot busier as the years go by and the old members had to shift with time. If I remember correctly, we have been around since 2004 and I had witness the ups and downs of this place and we can not change the shifts but we maybe able to get newer members to continue where others had left it. It would be good to get your opinion on what you like to see and what you are interested in. Even if we can keep one lifetime member who can help this place grow in their time here is fantastic. It is after all going to be built in the vision of our members.
  8. So i thought, after a few days with no posts that i'd kick this off with seeing what everybody thought of the new forum. All be it not been finished yet, or from what I understand anyway. I personally like it and am, however, hoping some of the hidden content comes back and a wider range of topics, such as were on the older Forum. Lets the discussion commence.
  9. Is anybody still using this forum. I popped back after a long absence to see my favourate forum empty.
  10. Topic is resolved.Please PM any moderator to continue this discussion. Until then, this topic is closed.
  11. How nicely said: !
  12. And did you try the "anniversary update"? Is it worth installing it? It's supposed to come with a native bash, is it usable?
  13. I often have to manage xps files. Sometimes I receive them included in a mail, sometimes I use a xps printer on a friendâs PC when no pdf printer is available and the physical printer is out of order. Unfortunately, not all devices have a xps reader available. So, I started looking for a portable (standalone) reader or converter I could carry on a USB device. I found it mentioned here : http://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/9837/software-to-convert-xps-to-pdf The free version of the software can be found here : http://ghostscript.com/download/gxpsdnld.html This is a very light weighted binary file. As mentioned in the readme file, use it in order to display the content of an xps file if you donât have reader on your PC. For instance, if you want to see which animal is in the file named tiger.xps, just type the following : More smartly, use the embedded ghostscript engine in order to convert your file (here named input.xps) to a pdf file named out.pdf And this out.pdf file can be read on any system having a pdf reader, a tablet or an androit phone for instance. Isnât this marvelous ?
  14. If you really have a lot of entries, more than Mysql can manage, then you will need a really huge computer ! The limits of MySql can be reached only on really big computers!
  15. temporay problem, now solved.
  16. Want to copy android sms to pc avoid losing them accidently? Puzzled in how to transfer text messages from android to pc? Well, now I'll guide you how to transfer text messages from android to computer with Coolmuster Android Assistant. Step 1:Connect Android Phone to pc The first thing you need to do is to download and install the Android contacts manager on your pc and launch it. The next is connect your Android phone to pc via usb cable. Your device will appear on the screen. The manager would recognise your android device automatically. Notice: If this is the you connect android phone to the problem on computer, you should enbale USB debugging first, and install a USB driver on your computer, then the app would detect your android phone automatically. Step 2:Select Contacts and Start Export You can find many icon on the left, find "Contacts" and click it, all then go to "SMS", then all sms on your android phone will be listed on the right. Then select and check you want to transfer, at last click "Export" to start the work. That's all, very easy, right?
  17. Did you already try windows 10? Proably the next system you will buy will have a pre-installed Windows, and it will probably be windows 10. If you want to train yourself re-installing your next machine, you could consider trying this release right now. Microsoft allows you downloading it from here : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/products/windows It's supposed to only be a preview. However, it's already a fully fonctional and very professionally designed release. The installation is as easy as the previous Windows releaseses, and I appreciate the fact that the tiled screen is not any more the default one
  18. A discussion about the current condition of this forum. It seems there is a sort of lack of posters. It is possible, that this sort of lack of new posts being created is caused by a combination of different causes.
  19. I bought two books to learn SQL.. one is "sams teach yourself SQL in 10minutes". The other is "learn SQL in three days". I've heard of MySQL but was not sure if these are the same. I have to have a website I imagine to learn this right? I'm trying to get books for HTML and i think its call PHP. Everything starts with HTML am I right. But basically want to know about SQL
  20. Hi.i'm interested in alternatives to MySql combined with php.what database else can i use to create a webbased managment system with a lot of entries. maybe more than mysql can handle fast enough.it should be more powerful than mysql and should have nearly the same features.i hope there is a webbased administration program like phpmysqladminthanks for your help !greetingsc.
  21. HiI am thinking of building a server and thought I will use CPanel, I thought it only cost like £100 but what $1500. How do free servers afford this if you built them yourself?Thanks
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