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  1. The Mailbox

    1. Policies, Regulations, Rules & Guidelines

      Here you should find a few ground rules that serve to document the good practises that are accepted and expected to be upheld by the Xisto community and our visitors. Just understand them and try to respect the spirit of our community. Thank you.

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    2. News & Announcements

      Read the latest Xisto news and announcements right here. This is where all our updates and the things we feel are important for you to know about Xisto can be found!

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  2. Front Gate

    1. Discussions

      The Xisto discussions forum is for everyone, new and old members alike.Talk about anything and tell each other your ideas. Share whatever you want to discuss and get involved. We want you to be able to give and others follow by giving. So why not tell us something you know about and would like others to know.

    2. Questions

      Have an interesting question to ask our knowledgeable people of the Xisto community? Need a little help with something. Feel free to ask what you like and our community will do their best to help you solve your question.

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  3. Help & Support

    1. Alerts and Notices

      News and announcements relating to Xisto

    2. Web Hosting Support

      Here you can ask for help with an issue you have when starting out as a HOSTED member. Instructions and "How To's..." will be added as we create them. Do not use to promote your website and do not use for issues not related to Hosting.
      Please read the Introduction to cPanel first. Also check Xisto FAQS for more common questions.

    3. Introductions

      New to kknowledgeSutra? Post an introduction here, and let all the other members know a little about yourself.

  4. Computers & Tech

    1. 26,497
    2. Software

      This is your first-stop-software-shop. Post all your queries about any kind of software in here and watch out for reviews on all the latest hits. Illegal download links STRICTLY PROHIBITED

    3. The Internet

      Notice! This forum is now strictly monitored. This section is reserved for Member Level 1 or higher. This is to prevent unwanted spam advertisement by just passing bystanders. Thank you.

    4. Search Engines

      Everything and anything regarding the Search engines goes at this place.

    5. Computer Gaming

      Discuss everything about virtual Games.

    6. Websites and Web Designing

      All misc. discussions regarding Websites and Web Designing.

    7. Mobile Phones

      Talk about Mobiles

    8. Operating Systems

      An Center to post anything and everything about diffrent operating Systems!
      Windows NT/ 2000/ 2003 Servers, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh Apple. Compare End-user Operating Systems etc.

    9. 36,777
    10. Online Advertising

      Discuss about various advertising networks

    11. Hardware Workshop

      General Hardware discussion. Find out what the best choice is, get or give help, brag about your system specs, and everything else Hardware-related.

    12. Computer Networks

      Here is the place to discuss anything to do with Networking and the Internet. Discuss anything about LAN, WAN, Modems, UnCapping etc.

    13. Security issues & Exploits

      Security issues with Browsers, e-mail clients & OS's can be discussed or reported here. Report findings and links to solution (If there is one) Guests can reply to topics but not start one.

  5. Others

    1. General Discussion

      A Collection of Important Subforums which deal with lots of general topics.

    2. Business Forum - Future sections may include Accounting, Administrative & Clerical Support, Business Plans, Business School, Careers, Communication, Customer Service, Economics, Entertainment, Ethics, Finance, Fund-Raising, Home-Based Business, Human Resources, Industrial Products & Services, International Business, Internet Business, Internships, Interview Questions, Investment Banking, Job Hunting, Job Training, Labor Unions, Management...etc

      Start contributing your business ideas/experiences and we'll sort as we go along. Or, please post your suggestions in our Suggestion Box (see General Talk).

    3. Photography

      Now Open!


      our Photography Class is now in session. Bring your gears and get ready to become a shutterbug. Let your creativity flow through the lens (TTL). Show your best stuff and share your techniques.

    4. Health & Fitness

      1. Fitness and good health (on exercises, aerobics, diet, on building fitness and maintaining fitness, etc.)
      2. Strength and Endurance (using weights; also, special exercises to maximize what basic strength you have, etc.)
      3. Trapped and under Threat (practical self-defence, what to do if.. )
      4. Martial arts philosophies and meditations(maintaining your mental calm, dealing with stress, knowing yourself and finding the strength to be yourself - a calm and confident mind in a healthy body)
      5. Misc. Category (Fitness, health and self-defence issues that do not fit in the above categories)
    5. Dating And Relationships

      DISCLAIMER : This forum is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. The opinions stated on this forum are just that: Opinions. We are not professionals, just people who have lived life and want to help others gain perspective on their dating and personal issues. We will not candy-coat advice or tell you what you want to hear; we will tell you what we think you need to hear. Parental guidance is suggested for those under 18 years of age. This forum is a known addictive substance and may cause lowered productivity. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while reading.

    6. The Vent

      OPEN, please do not abuse the privilege!-

      Vent out all your agression, and have a rant about what's bugging you. The same rules go here as for the rest of the board, do not use foul language. The TOS is part of this forum and we do not tolerate bigot remarks or plain stupidity, nor will we accept "prosecution" in venting.

    7. Art & Creativity

      Poems, Lyrics, Songs, Art, Music, Video..


      Anything you made, that you would like to show off and share with us. Just all your creative stuff... (NO POST COUNT)

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